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...and still thriving!
Our parents both purchased their dream homes in the tract named Suburbia Park in Huntington Beach in the late 1960's.  It was a new tract, as most where in the area, and Dan and I both fondly recall growing up on Edye Drive. As next-door neighbors, I remember getting the construction bug by watching in wonder as our house went from 2x4 sticks to a home, and Dan remembers the great adventures of riding bikes to the beach, building forts, skateboard ramps, and half-pipes.

​Having a great love for family and the community, we raised our children in the same neighborhood and spent many hours volunteering for local non-profit organizations including youth sports and local school PTA's. While I began a career in the construction industry after college, Dan owned a retail scuba store for many years before joining the construction industry.  
After several career changes, we teamed up to help people find their dream home or business. On the construction side, Dan spent decades restoring or renovating homes and restaurants, as well as providing tenant improvements to commercial and multifamily housing projects. I assisted in the renovations and became a realtor, helping several friends with the selling and purchasing of property.

Recently relocating to Arizona, we are excited about continuing to help people live or work in an environment that gives them great joy. However, before we re-start the construction and real estate ventures, we are building our own off-grid homestead. 

Welcome to JDK Ranchette - Your Gateway to Homesteading Bliss!

🌿🌄 Come join us on our homesteading journey as we embark on an exciting adventure in the serene White Mountains area of Arizona. We're not your typical homesteaders – we traded the hustle and bustle of Southern California suburbs for 40 acres of pristine, untouched land.

🏡 Our dream is to craft our own off-grid paradise, and we're taking you along for the ride! Our vision for JDK Ranchette includes sprawling lavender fields, a thriving greenhouse, bountiful orchards, a flourishing community garden, a lively menagerie of animals, and a warm, welcoming home that radiates hospitality to all who visit.

With inspiration drawn from the diverse world of homesteading, including the incredible stories shared by fellow YouTubers, we're here to document our triumphs and tribulations. Whether you're an experienced homesteader looking for tips, a dreamer seeking inspiration, or simply someone who loves nature and sustainable living, our channel is designed to assist and inspire.

🌟 Join us in this incredible journey of self-sufficiency, sustainability, and the pursuit of a harmonious life closer to nature. Subscribe to our YouTube channel now, hit that notification bell, and become a part of the JDK Ranchette community. Let's grow, learn, and thrive together! 🌻🐓🍏

Welcome to the family!

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