Join Robin & Dan on their homesteading journey

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A Homestead with Hospitality

Join Robin & Dan on their homesteading journey!
Explore their off-grid paradise full of orchards, gardens, lavender fields, and more. Get your dose of hospitality and experience the beauty of nature in its purest form.

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Our Suburban Roots

Drinking from the hose and thriving!
Read Our Story from suburbia to homesteading.
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Naturally grown pure organic foods for a healthy lifestyle

The mission of our community garden is to educate children and adults about organic gardening and to provide an area where individuals and families can grow fruit, vegetables, flowers, and herbs for their own use and for the use of local food banks.

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robin & dan

We're not your typical homesteaders – we traded the hustle and bustle of Southern California suburbs for 40 acres of pristine, untouched land.
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