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Field of Fairies: Day Dreaming Under the Trees

I see you, slivered moon, peaking at me through the eastern midday horizon.

The sun is high and warm, but the breeze is soft and cool. I close my eyes as I breathe in slowly; I am in the process of loving my lawn into a lush green field. The harsh growth softens to my thoughts, lush beauty now trembles at the souls of my feet, waiting upon the rain to quench our shared desires. The trees whisper to keep going, to feel the breeze so deeply and allow its message to penetrate my body. My skin enjoys the caress and swiftly triggers sensors that allow my heart to feel the joy that now becomes me. On cue, the

Nature offers a space to feel into your dreams
Dandelion Fairies

wind arrives and invites me to watch the shadow dance of the leaves. Their message unfolds on a field of dandelions and sweetgrass, that my heart is known to nature, true intentions can’t be hidden from the universe. I breathe in deeply, and smile as goosebumps provide the gentle pleasure of knowing that there is no need to hide my heart. I am in full alignment with nature; my desires have been received. The dandelions and sweetgrass flow their seeds through the air; they no longer represent weeds, and the fairies from my childhood return and carry my wishes to the enchanted place of fulfillment.

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