Pivoting vs Patience

During our homesteading journey I have had the opportunity to be with my thoughts more, recognizing that my perceptions have changed, and how this call to become off-grid homesteaders is about freedom through self-reliance, more so than my dream of having an organic garden and my hope to, one day, have a positive role in local food sourcing.

Very shortly after Dan and I began this adventure, plans changed, shifting the trajectory of the ranch build.   While this change presented a positive experience in many ways, it slowed the progress of our homestead build on the ranch.  And, as a generally positive person, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to learn patience.  

Patience as defined is the ability to wait, or to continue doing something despite difficulties, or to suffer without complaining or becoming annoyed. And while patience has altruistic values, it didn’t feel true to me.  It felt more like pretending not to be disappointed.

JDK Ranchette Shed

Our first shed build and rain catchment system.

But there was a moment last year, watching Dan walk the property after heavy rain, I recall such a deep feeling of contentment.  Though our home had no walls a year into our move, there was no disappointment.  I recognized we had already pivoted.  We moved beyond waiting for approval to build our home and pivoted to what we could accomplish in the moment.  We researched and completed our first water catchment system, installed property fencing, decided on solar power for electricity, and together through the process, we have become more self-reliant. 

Through my life I often heard and repeated to many “patience is a virtue.”  Today, I recognize that while that statement may ring true to many, it doesn’t always serve me.  In that moment of contentment, looking at my husband, the land, I saw all that we had accomplished already.  Our pivot, rather than patience, increased both our confidence and passion for this journey, and we found an unexpected feeling of freedom in our self-reliance.   

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