Growing My Own ~

Selling our Southern California home and moving to the White Mountains in Arizona has required many lifestyle changes. Perhaps the best, yet unanticipated upgrade, has been regaining my joy of cooking. Wherever we make our home our kitchen is key. We have a big family, lots of friends, and have always loved hosting parties and cooking up a storm. While I haven’t had too many visitors yet, I am reveling in having the time and space to grow my own food and create delicious fresh meals. Today I had my first harvest (well, I picked some leaves) of arugula.

I created a delicious salad mixing the peppery fresh arugula with green lettuce, clover sprouts, carrot matchsticks, slivers of red onion, tomatoes, and sunflower seeds. To top off this party-of-one lunch plate, I made Lavender-Honey Goat Cheese croquettes. Lavender grows abundantly here, and the local honey and goat cheese all complement each other.


While eating my scrumptious lunch, I read online about the health benefits of arugula including that its nutrients can protect your heart, improve eye health, reduce cancer risk, aid digestion, regulate blood pressure, and is good for healthy bones and skin. Who doesn’t love those health benefits! I am feeling so much appreciation for having time to nurture my life by tending to my garden, learning about nutrition, and purposefully creating and cooking meals. Live in a place you love~

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