Ranch Build Update April 2024

Join us as we unveil the latest strides in our ongoing ranch construction saga with our April 2024 update! Experience the transformation firsthand as our interior spaces burst to life, courtesy of freshly installed insulation adding warmth and structure into our humble homestead.

While Dan embarks on a work assignment out of state, our team—comprising of my daughter, son-in-law, trusted foreman Bryan, and myself—keeps the momentum rolling. Together, we're steadfastly witness the ranch transformation collaborative.

Externally, we're diligently completing the finishing touches on the soffit and eave areas, laying the groundwork for forthcoming enhancements. Anticipation mounts as we eagerly await the arrival of accent stone and wood beams, poised to imbue our ranch with an irresistible allure.

With a drywall order in place, we're primed for substantial progress over the next month. Soon, the installation of drywall will bring our interior spaces one step closer to completion, edging us nearer to establishing a move-in schedule.

Stay tuned as we continue on this incredible journey of building our dream ranch retreat. Don't forget to subscribe, like, and share to be a part of our construction and creativity adventure!

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