Vertical Herb Garden (2020)

vertical gardenKeeping a balanced, joyful life can be a challenge as we are either quarantined or social distancing. After the initial shock and fear the Virus passed, I recently woke up with a fresh perspective and decided to use this “down” time to do things I have always wanted to, but never felt I had time to do. Completing several projects around the home and learning to make a video with my various personal devices were on the list. On Sunday, I spent the day getting together pictures and video’s I had taken on Saturday while completing my 1st C 19 DIY Project, the Herb Garden Wall. It’s my first try at creating a video, and is far from great, but I am happy that I stuck with it and I know I can keep developing skills. (Posting Here from 2020.. so cheesy but glad I gave it a first try)

Watch the video! 

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